WHEN? Once a month a documentary will be published on OverEasy X.

WHAT? The documentaries aim to show you the reality of Guatemala and things that you won't find in traveling books.

WHY? There is so much happening around us. We go out and the first things that we see are streets, traffic, mountains, trees, people walking... But have you ever stopped to observe these people and asked yourself where they are going or where they are coming from?
In most of the cases you and I are so involved in our daily routine that we stop seeing what and who we have in front of us. This is why I created OverEasy X.
Through OverEasy X I want to share with you different stories of people, like you and me, that are now at a point of their lives because they once decided to do something, big or small, to survive. My goal is to show the world the reality in Guatemala and create international and national awareness of what is happening in order to motivate people to take action to change what needs to be changed in our world. I want people to see something else of what they already know, see and do in their daily life.

I hope you will get inspired as much as I have through these mind blowing life stories.

So now... what do I mean with the OverEasy X Way?

The OverEasy X Way is to flip the egg over to see the two sides of it.
Which means that we shouldn't be conformed to see just one side of an egg (our lives, the world, our surroundings). We should flip the egg over, see and learn from EVERYTHING that is happening around us and do something about it.